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Genesis.Management.DLL not found

Jun 24, 2009 at 7:42 PM

Earlier today I received a message post on the Code Project articles saying that an error is being reported that the Genesis.Management.DLL file cannot be found. Below is my final response to the developer who raised the issue with me. I hope this helps in resolving any of your issues around the Genesis.Management.DLL file being missing.

Message from Code Project:
The problem that the developer encountered was that when he ran the Update.aspx page as instructed on the release notes, one file (Genesis.Management.DLL) reports an error because it cannot be found. The reason that the error is reported is because the update process sees that the file is listed in the Module_File table and is attempting to load it.

The problem occured because he was using the 'BlueMarble.Genesis.Client' solution, which excludes the Genesis.Management project.

The problem was resolved when he opened the 'Genesis Smart Client Framework' solution and did a full rebuild. He then opened the 'BlueMarble.Genesis.Client' solution and followed the rest of the release notes and successfully executed the sample.

My recommendation for anybody who is experiencing problems with either release 1.30.1024.0 or 1.40.1024.0 is to open the 'Genesis Smart Client Framework' solution and do a full rebuild and then to continue with what they were attempting to do.


Stephan Johnson